Hong Kong is one of the countries whose calendar contains many holidays which are differentiated depending on the purpose of the holiday and the people celebrating the holiday. The holidays include the public and statutory holidays. Various religions present in this country like the Christians and Buddhists also have their holidays which they commemorate depending on their beliefs and history.

The list of all the holidays present in the Hong Kong 2013 calendar is as follows:

January 2013

Tuesday 1st – New Year’s Day (public)

This is the first day on the Hong Kong calendar where people celebrate the ushering in of the New Year. It is not related to any religion in the country.

February 2013

Sunday 10th – Lunar New Year for the Chinese

This holiday mainly occurs at the beginning of February. It is termed as the most important holiday for the Chinese people and this is when they celebrate their new year according to their traditions. The holiday is of much importance to them and they go to the place of worship praying for a better year.

Monday 11th – second day of lunar new year

Tuesday 12th – third day of lunar new year

The two named consecutive days are a continuation of the Chinese New Year celebration

Wednesday 13th – forth day of lunar new year

This day is inclusive in the celebration to cover for the first day of their new year which fell on a Sunday.

March 2013

Friday 29th – Good Friday

This day is celebrated by the catholic and Protestants. It is mainly used to commemorate the day that Jesus died and is linked with the cleansing of sins. It is an important day to them of which is a public holiday in the country.

Saturday 30th – day after Good Friday.

The day is also noted in Hong Kong and is a follow up of the Good Friday.

April 2013

Monday 1st – Easter Monday

This holiday is also much important to the Christians. They celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after lying in the tomb for three days. The day is recognized countrywide even though it is Christian based.

Easter Monday

Easter Monday

Thursday 4th – Ching Ming festival

This festival takes place 15 days after Equinox. This is one day where the people pay respect to ones ancestors. The day is celebrated by the sweeping of graves of the past. It is also referred to as the mourning day.

May 2013

Wednesday 1st – labor day (public)

This is a national holiday which is celebrated by all the citizens of Hong Kong irrespective of race or religion. The day is dedicated to all the working population.

Friday 17th – Buddha’s birthday

This is a day which is Buddhists celebrate the birthday of the Supreme Being; the Buddha. This is the 8th day of the 4th month according to the calendar of the Chinese.

June 2013

Wednesday 12th – Dragon Boat Festival

This festival is for the patriotic remembrance where the people participate in dragon boat races.

July 2013

Monday 1st – Special Administration Region Day

This holiday marks the transfer of sovereignty to the people of china.

September 2013

Friday 20th – Day after mid autumn festival

Meant to celebrate the togetherness and is marked by lighting of lanterns.
October 2013

Tuesday 1st – National holiday

The celebration of this holiday takes place on the 1st and the 2nd of October.

Monday 14th – Chung Yeung Festival

This day is set aside to honor the deceased and the old. The people also participate in mountain climbing.

Hong Kong Festival

Hong Kong Festival

December 2013

Wednesday 25th – Christmas Day

This is a holiday celebrated by all people in the country.

Thursday 26th – boxing day.

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