Just like in most of other Muslim countries all over the world where holidays and festivals are timed depending on the sightings of the various moon phases in the locality, timing of Omani holidays is not an exception to this. In this regard, dates given are just but mere approximations and might not be the accurate holiday dates. Below is a list of various Oman holidays to be celebrated in 2012:

January 2012

  • Sunday 1st- New Years Day

Widely regarded to as Hijiri New Year, Islamic New Year is perhaps the most celebrated holiday in Oman. This day marks the start of a new year in the Islamic calendar. According to the Islamic calendar, this day is celebrated during Muharram, which is the starting month in an Islamic year.
New Years day is also a commemoration of the death of Hussein, Mohammed’s grandson who together with his followers and family was martyred in 680AD at the Karbala battle.

New Years Day

New Years Day

February 2012

  • Saturday 4th – Milad Al Nabi

This public holiday in Oman aims at commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. This holiday is otherwise known as Mawlid is a highly respected day in Oman. As a way of celebration in this day, Oman residents are required to participate in the rituals of the day and this is termed expression of their Islamic faith and revival of the same. Mosques all over Oman are decorated and a number of street processions can be observed all over the nation.

June 2012

  • Saturday 16th – Al Israa Wal Miraj

This is a public holiday in Oman. Oman public Celebrate the ascension of the prophet.

July 2012

  • Monday 23rd – Renaissance Day
Renaissance Faire people

Renaissance Faire people

August 2012

  • Sunday 19th – Eid al Fitr (End of the holy month of Ramadan)

This marks the first day of the celebration of the holy holiday of Eid al Fitr in Oman. The day is observed for four consecutive days. During this lunar month of Ramadan in Oman, Muslims in the nation fast during daytime and being allowed to feast at night time only. In this holy month, normal business schedules and work patterns are largely interrupted. In some cases, the disruptions are extended up to Eid al Fitr celebrations. Depending with a specific region in Oman, Eid al Fitr lasts for a number of days.

October 2012

  • Friday 26th – Eid al Adha

This is a public holiday in Oman, simply known as the Feast of sacrifice. His is a very important religious public holiday in Oman. On this day, Omans, celebrate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice Ishmael, his son. This was a great show of obedience to Allah and other Muslims in Oman are encouraged to follow Ibrahim’s example and obey God.

November 2012

  • Thursday 15th – Islamic New Year

Being an Islamic region, religion in Oman is largely Islam and they use the Islamic calendar. This means that the above public/official holidays apply only for Islamic festivals. On these national and public holidays, government offices and buildings tend to remain closed all day.

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