Below is a summary for St. Lucia holidays for 2012

January 2012

  • Sunday 1st 2012- New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is a public holiday in St. Lucia and one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the state. The day is celebrated in line with other countries worldwide and it is characterized by lavish eating.

  • Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia

  • February 2012

    • Wednesday 22nd – Independence Day

    This is a national public holiday in St. Lucia. On this day in 1979, the state obtained her independence.

    March 2012

    • Friday 30th – Easter holiday

    This is a national holiday in St. Lucia and is one of the most observed holidays in the state. This day marks the beginning of the Easter holiday.

    April 2012

    • Friday 6th – Good Friday

    This national holiday in St. Lucia is celebrated by the Catholics and Protestants in the state.

    • Sunday 8th – Easter Day

    Easter Sunday in St. Lucia is marked through cards and flowers

    • Monday 9th – Easter Monday

    This is a national holiday at St. Lucia. Easter Sunday is substituted to the following working day, Monday in this case.

    • Monday 16th – End of Easter Holiday

    This day marks the end of the long Easter holiday.

    May 2012

    • Tuesday 1st – May Day/ Labour Day

    This is a public holiday in St. Lucia. Otherwise known as May Day, Labour Day is an important celebration in this state. Organized rallies may feature at the celebrations and this day marks the celebration of social and economic achievements of the people. Just like other major holidays in the state, expect to find no government services on this day as all the offices, government institutions and buildings remain closed for the celebrations. The day is also marked by ugly incidents of demonstrations as everything tends to become paralyzed during the celebrations.

    • Saturday 5th – St. Lucia Jazz Festival

    This is more of a festival rather than a holiday observation.

    • Sunday 13th – Mother’s Day

    This is a celebration of the role of mothers in the state of St. Lucia.

    • Monday 28th – whit Monday

    Whit Monday is celebrated seven weeks after the observation of Easter Monday. The day marks the day the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples which signified the start of the ministry of good news.

    June 2012

    • Thursday 7th – Corpus Cristi’

    This is a holiday primarily observed by Catholics in the state.

    • Sunday 17th – Fathers Day Celebrations
    • Tuesday 26th – Beginning of Summer holiday

    July 2012

    • Monday 16th – Carnival’

    August 2012

    • Wednesday 11th – Emancipation Day

    September 2012

    • Monday 3rd – End of summer holiday

    October 2012

    • Monday 1st – Thanks giving

  • Saint Lucia Sunset

    Saint Lucia Sunset

  • December 2012

    • Thursday 13th – St. Lucia Day
    • Tuesday 25th – Christmas Day

    This is notably the most celebrated holiday at St. Lucia and the day is marked by great feasting, new dressings and jubilations all over. Fire works are also very common and most people prefer to have the celebrations at home with their families or with friends.

    • Wednesday 26th – Boxing Day

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