In Ukraine, the Julian calendar is used to mark religious holidays. When a public holiday in Ukraine falls on a Sunday, the next working day, Monday is treated as a day off since most employees taken their normal weekly off on Saturdays and Sundays. Below are Ukraine holidays for 2012:

Monastery of the Caves

Monastery of the Caves

January 2012

  • Sunday 1st – New Year’s Day

This is a national holiday in Ukraine. It’s a celebration of the first day of the year. In Ukraine, New Year is marked in a similar fashion just as Christmas is observed in other countries. This day is characterized by spruce trees, feasting, Ded Moroz, toasting and the people of Ukraine make wishes for the New Year.

  • Monday 2nd – New year’s holiday

With New Year Day falling on a Sunday, it’s needless to say that the following day, Monday, is treated as a holiday.

  • Saturday 7th – Orthodox Christmas Day

This is a celebration of Christmas Eve in the country and is marked by the Holy supper, a traditional that starts once starts start showing in the sky. People also sing some carols.

  • Saturday 09th –orthodox Christmas holiday

With orthodox Christmas day falling on a weekend, Saturday, the people of Ukraine take the following business day, Monday for a holiday.

Ukraine - Koktebel

Ukraine – Koktebel

March 2012

  • Thursday 8th – international women’s day

This is a celebration of the achievement of women on social, political and economic aspects and all women in the country are honored.

April 2012

  • Monday 16th – orthodox Easter Monday

In Ukraine, Easter is actually one of the most important holidays if not the most important in the country. People mark the day by taking various food and thorough cleaning of houses. Pysanky is a renowned characteristic of this day which includes decorations of raw eggs and the highlight of the day is marked through feasting.

May 2012

  • Tuesday 1st – labour Day

This public holiday in Ukraine observes and acknowledges the economic and social achievements of Ukraine people. This day is marked through various public rallies and you can expect to receive no services on this day especially in government offices and public institutions.

  • Wednesday 9th – victory day

Ukraine marks victory day as a celebration of Nazi Germany defeat. In Lviv Oblast, the day is otherwise known as Memorial Day.

June 2012

  • Monday 4th – Pentecost Monday- orthodox

This is a remembrance of the day when the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit. The day is also known as Triytsia.

  • Thursday 28th – constitution day

This public holiday marks the ratification of the constitution of the country which was done on a similar date in 1996. Concerts and fireworks are common scenes on this day.

August 2012

  • Sunday 19th- Uraza Bairam

This is a public holiday in Ukraine. It is a celebration of the end of the Ramadan

  • Friday 24th – independence Day

This is a celebration to mark the day Ukraine became an independent and democratic country in 1991 on a similar day.

October 2012

  • Friday 26th – Feast if Sacrifice-Quarban Bayram

Above is a highlight of Ukraine holidays in the year 2012.

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